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Sample Screens Quiz Bowl v3.0 adds fun and excitement to any corporate training program -- with a deluxe animated Jeopardy-style game that runs on a personal computer. You can make up your own games in just minutes using the included Quiz Builder software. No programming skills are required.

Advanced Software Products offers two other versions of our Quiz Bowl game to fit your training needs. Our Quiz Bowl for Java program is our web-based solution for distributing Quiz Bowl games over the intranet/internet. Our Team Quiz Bowl program is our jeopardy-style game for use with Fleetwood ReplyŽ wireless keypads that allows up to 250 people to play at once.

With Quiz Bowl v3.0, you can
Create exciting classroom competitions.
Distribute self-assessment games to employees via electronic mail.
Generate enthusiasm at sales meetings, workshops, and seminars
Motivate representatives for new products launches.
Generate Product awareness as a customer giveaway.
Help make learning fun!

Quiz Bowl v3.0 Features:
Easy-to-use software for quick game creation.
Enhanced 256 Color graphics.
Modes for 1, 2, 3, or 4 player games.
Double Point Round.
Choice of 10 Animated Player Characters.
Advanced Score Reporting.
Animated Host
Wildcard Questions
Optional Support for wireless keypads.
Multiple-Buzz In Support (new in v3.0)
Support for High Resolution Display in 800x600 mode (new in v3.0)
Support for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Built-in spell checking when you create games (new in v3.0)
Instructor mode for easy instructor-lead game presentation

Quiz Bowl v3.0 has been greatly improved since version 1.0. Check out the new features in Quiz Bowl v3.0. We have added many requested features including support for different question grid sizes, multimedia support, new graphics, new sounds, and support for up to four players. With the latest Quiz Bowl v3.0, he have added support for higher resolution displays (800x600), multiple buzz-in capability, and support for question databases in Quiz Builder..


Quiz Builder is a program that comes with Quiz Bowl for Windows. This program makes game creation incredibly easy. Simply click on an empty selection grid and answer the questions that the program prompts you with. You will be producing your own question sets within minutes! Best of all, you can easily add multimedia clips (sounds, graphics, and movies) to individual questions. Your who question set including your graphics, sounds, and movies are then packaged into one file for easy game distribution. Quiz Builder

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