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Digital Professor for Keypads v1.7 enables you to administer a test or survey to an audience ranging from 2 to 250 people. Digital Professor for Keypads is a program that runs under Microsoft Windows and uses Fleetwood Wireless Keypads for group input.To conduct a test or survey, simply connect the receiving unit to your computer, run Digital Professor for Keypads, and pass out the keypads to members of your audience. Participants can then respond to questions displayed on the monitor or projector screen.

Receive immediate feedback on audience comprehension.
Maximize student participation in classroom training.
Survey up to 250 people simultaneously.
Generate test or survey reports instantly.
Enhance any sales meeting, focus group, or training seminar.


The Main Menu in Digital Professor provides an easy-to-use interface for administering exams and surveys. From the Main Menu, an instructor can check the keypads, create a student roster, preview, or administer an exam.
This question screen is used to display the exam or survey questions. A bar graph in the lower left shows how many students have responded. The instructor can use the navigational buttons on the bottom to go through an exam.
User response graphs can help both the instructor and students see how the questions are being answered. Responses are broken down into raw results (3 people chose A, 2 people chose B, etc.) or percentages.
Reports are automatically generated after an exam or survey is complete. The instructor can save these reports to disk and they can later be opened using a standard word processor.

All three of our Digital Professor Products allow you to create your own exams and surveys with our easy-to-use Exam Builder program. With Exam Builder, you can design your own exams, surveys, and rosters with the click of a mouse button.

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