Digital Professor Testing and Assessment Products : DP for Keypads

Advanced Software Products offers three different versions of our Digital Professor Testing and Assessment system for all your different testing and assessment needs.

Our Digital Professor for Windows software allows you to create and distribute exams or surveys on machines running Windows 3.1/95/NT. Exams or surveys can be distributed over the LAN or via E-mail. The system is easily scalable and works well in small classrooms or with company wide testing/surveying.


Our Digital Professor for Java software is perfect for a corporate intranet or internet. Students can use their web browser to take exams or surveys and the exam results are automatically E-mailed to the instructor or student.


For classroom or large group settings, Advanced Software Products offers Digital Professor for Keypads for use with Fleetwood Reply Wireless Keypads. With Digital Professor for Keypads, up to 250 people can take an exam or survey simultaneously using wireless keypads (sold separately). The big advantage of the wireless keypad system is its mobility. An instructor can easily take the system on the road and set the system up in a remote classroom or auditorium in just minutes.

All three of our Digital Professor products are compatible with each other. For example, if you purchase Digital Professor for Windows, the exams and surveys that your create can be used with Digital Professor for Java and Digital Professor for Keypads. All three of our Digital Professor products come with Exam Builder, a program that makes creating new exams as easy as pointing and clicking.